Maintenance Free Playset Designer

Swing Kingdom provides Virtually Maintenance Free Playset!

Vinyl is Final for Swing Kingdom. These playsets will last longer, look nicer, and are easier to clean. There are no wear-and-tear items, no painting, staining or re-sealing. No maintenance cost. If your playset gets dirty, it is easy to shine it up with just mild soap and water. When your children grow up, you can sell your playset or keep it for your grandchildren!

In addition to maintenance free playsets, Swing Kingdom provides Heavy Duty Construction!

  • All Structural members are preserved wood encased with vinyl (only using the finest materials available).
  • Structural Select Wood is used inside the Swing Beam
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Corner Braces, Swing Attachments & Hardware.
  • Innovative Solid Plastic Lumber Surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Rotomolded Slides
  • Finished End Caps to Eliminate Sharp Edges

Design your own maintenance free playset including all of the components and accessories that your family desires! It’s fast and easy!

  1. Click on the balloons below to add, remove or change products. Dream, create and define your playset.
  2. Send your unique design to us.
  3. We will send you a quote for your design.
  4. Place the order
  5. We will make your playset a reality, bring it to your home and set it up in your yard!
  6. Start PLAYING!

“Paying a little more upfront is well worth it in the long run when considering the ongoing maintenance costs of cedar playsets”

“Durability – There is simply no other playset that comes close to the durability of Swing Kingdom Vinyl Playsets”.

“It’s rare that your expectations are exceeded rather than satisfied. Swing Kingdom provides that experience in backyard playsets for your whole family to enjoy. If you can dream it, they can create it and those childhood memories last a lifetime!”

Give your attention to your children – not your swingset.

Maintenance Free Playsets