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Technician taking playset apart

Playset Relocation Or Removal

Do you want to move your playset, trampoline or hoop to your new home? Or Have the kids outgrown it? If you answered “YES”, you need relocation or removal services!

Are you moving and need to relocate your play equipment?

Relocation Services are available to previous customers who are moving from one home to another and would like to take their play equipment (playset, basketball hoop and/or trampoline) with them.

  • For a local move – Equipment will be dismantled, loaded on a truck, taken to the new home and reinstalled.
  • For a long distance move – Equipment will be dismantled and shrink wrapped for movers.

Are you just interested in having old play equipment removed?

If you want old Bear equipment removed and disposed because your children are older and no longer using it, please fill out the removal services contact form.

Note: Removal services are only available to previous customers that are done using their Bear playset, trampoline or basketball hoop and would like to have them removed from their yard.

Relocation or Removal Form

Contact Information

Equipment to be relocated

Note: We do not Remove or Move safety surfacing.

Current Location (moving equipment from:)


Please include all details and upload photos if available.  

New Location (moving equipment to:)

Please include all details and upload photos if available.  

Service Details