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The Playground Professionals
playground swing for multiple people

Commercial Playground Equipment

Playground equipment designed for the heavier demand as needed from schools and municipalities

Top-Quality Playground Equipment For Commercial Settings

Bear Playgrounds (Steve Baker) partnered with Snider Recreation in 2004 as the Western Pennsylvania sales rep, providing top-quality commercial playground equipment. We can provide, install and service any type of public playground. If you are planning to add a playground to your school, childcare, church, local park, etc. Call Steve Baker at Snider Recreation.

Community Support

Snider Recreation also supports and endorses many playground grants and charities that promote creating recreational play environments to encourage play in kids of all abilities in order for them to develop and thrive physically, emotionally, and socially.

O’Hara Township Community Park

O’Hara Township, PA

When O’Hara Township’s Council decided they wanted an ADA-Inclusive playground for the park, they turned to their local Sales Representative, Steve Baker, at Snider Recreation. After many months of design and installation, the playground for inclusive play opened!

“By Land and By Sea” is the playground theme, including the popular pirate ship. The ship structure is “all-inclusive,” with transition steps, ramps, and surfacing. This public playground is accessible for all levels of motor disabilities and also includes a wheelchair-accessible motion cruiser.

Other equipment includes the inclusive freedom swing, a climbing wall, comet spinner, and water-themed spring animals. Many types of disabilities are addressed in this design. Autistic, visually impaired, and hearing impaired children will enjoy the interactive braille, music, and game activity stations alongside the other children on the playground.

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o'hara townshipp community park playground

Austin’s Place

Butler, PA

This playground was designed specifically for adult use! This was one of the most unique and rewarding projects Snider Recreation has had the privilege to design & install. Austin’s Place provides specialized 1 on 1 training for young adults who are moderately to significantly impaired.

Austin’s Place wanted an outdoor therapeutic center that would meet their clients’ specialized physical and developmental needs. It would also allow them to experience the joy found in playground equipment. Many were able to discover the thrill of swinging, sliding & spinning for the very first time.

Steve Baker worked closely with the founders of Austin’s Place to design an accessible and therapeutic play environment. The result is an enjoyable area that benefits every one of their clients.



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ada friendly playground at austin's place

The School at McGuire Memorial

New Brighton, PA

The School at McGuire Memorial came to Snider Recreation with a need for an all-inclusive play space that would encompass the needs of all their students. McGuire Memorial is a school that provides special education services for students with multiple disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.

The design brought in a pirate ship-themed play structure that was loaded with fun! On board the ship, you will find viper and spiral slides, a cargo net, and a ship bow climber. To complement the pirate ship theme, there is a telescope, a ship board panel with a porthole, and a mast with a Jolly Roger flag! The pirate ship is connected to another play structure by a long bridge, a rock n’ roll slide, a balcony, a leaf climber, and a cruiser!

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playground with pirate ship feature