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Treehouse Peak Playsets + Swingsets

Our Highest Quality Wooden Playsets

The Treehouse Peak series are our highest-quality wooden playsets. They have unmatched designs with forts, swings, and accessories. They are made for parents and children to play together and are fully customizable to ensure your swing set is perfect for your backyard, family, and budget.

How Do You Improve on The Best?

The Treehouse Peak playsets have been re-designed and re-released with all of the very best to offer! You will not find a better premium quality wooden swingset than these ones! These playsets are the largest, tallest, and most versatile playset designs ever made for backyards. These sets include three different deck sizes, four different deck heights, and the ability to accommodate all types and sizes of slides.

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Maintain your playset like other big investments

Periodic tightening of nuts and bolts will ensure the safety of your children while at play. In addition, an annual “tune-up” for your playset is highly recommended. Please contact us to inquire about a service call, including a complete safety check & hardware tightening. If you are interested in playset cleaning and staining, we can give you a referral! By doing so, your investment is sure to last a lifetime!

Schedule Maintenance
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Treehouse Peak Warranty

Review the lifetime warranty for our Treehouse Peak playsets from Backyard Adventures.

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Create Your Own Ultimate Wooden Playset

Treehouse Peak playsets have many aesthetic upgrades with beautiful two-tone stain, powder-coated steel components, roofline trims, decorative gable and rafter tails, and lots of detail in window and door features. The unique wrap-around porch, upgraded adventure bridge, and improved overall value make this the best Treehouse Peak swing set series ever created. These customizable sets include incredible features:

  • Most modular designs
  • Tarp and Wood Roof Options
  • Highest Quality Wood Construction
  • Square base and angled base for designs
  • Multi-level vertical and angled upright hybrid designs
  • Deck heights: 5’, 6’ 7’ & 9’
  • Swing Heights: 9’ & 10’
  • Slide lengths: 10’, 12’ & 14’

Design Your Own
adjustable features like swing beam height

Yes! Please contact us directly at 724-443-4441 or by email and we can give you a cost for the swingset only. Pickup and Delivery options are available.

No. However, it is recommended that you are at home when the installation crew arrives so that you can discuss the best placement options with them.

Yes!  The installation site needs to be fairly level (within 6” grade).  If you are unsure about the levelness of your yard, See “How to measure the levelness of my yard“. If you have tried those steps and are still unsure, you can schedule a site visit.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"These guys are fantastic and our family has enjoyed our playground for years. Very responsive and absolutely helpful when it comes to maintenance and repair."

Josh Y.

"Absolutely amazing, from sales to installation."

Michael T.