Yard Levelness for Backyard Play

How level does my backyard need to be?

We can help you figure it out!

You can easily determine your yard levelness is ready for a playset/swingset or trampoline installation! Follow the steps below.

1: Measure out the area where the equipment will go. Make sure you have enough space around it’s actual size so the children will be able to use the equipment to the full extent.

2: Determine the “levelness” of the area. Yard levelness is VERY different than a site being “flat”. A flat area can still be unlevel. If you are unsure, follow these remaining steps.

3: Gather materials. (If you need these materials, request a Levelness Kit by sending an email to info@bearofpa.com) You will need a line level, string (mason line), tape measure and a way to secure the end of the string (large metal staple, wooden stake, screwdriver, etc.).

4: Tie one end of the string to the large staple (or other) at ground level. Make sure the string is touching the ground at the highest elevation)

5: Walk the string out to the lowest elevated area where the equipment will be installed and stand there holding the string.

6: Attach the line level to the string at the lowest elevation.

7: Now pull the string tight. You do not want any sag in the string. Even the slightest dip will negatively affect your reading.

8: Adjust the string up and down until you get a level reading (bubble should sit between two lines on the level).

9: Once the string is level, measure from the ground to the string to see how far the ground is out of level.

10: Once you receive this reading, if you are within 6 inches, your yard is ready for a playset or trampoline.

11: If it is beyond 6″, you may want to have a professional Bear associate come to assess the site. You can order a site evaluation here.