Truss Adapter for 10’X7′ Trampoline


Truss Adapter lets you shoot from way downtown!

With this Truss Adapter you can attach our most popular trampoline basketball hoop accessory between the end poles of your 10′ x 17′ rectangle trampoline (in contrast with the standard side pole installation). With the basketball hoop securely centered on the 10’ edge of your trampoline, your basketball game is more realistic—helping you hit those shots from way downtown.


Accessories like the basketball hoop can improve motor skills, boost your balance, and encourage healthy competition for kids of all ages. Purchase 2 hoops and 2 adapters to create a full court feel at each end of your trampoline for hours of safe play!


  • One horizontal cross rail (truss) that install between the end poles of your existing JumpSport or AlleyOOP 10’ x 17’ Safety Enclosure
  • Custom designed attachment point that centers the basketball hoop at the narrow end of the trampoline
  • Hardware to secure the cross rail to the poles
  • Not included: Backboard or hardware for the backboard


  • Working on two poles on the short 10′ end of your trampoline, pull the safety net down off of the ball end caps
  • Remove ball end caps
  • Connect the two end poles with the cross rail (truss) by fitting each pole into the cross rail sockets
  • Pull the safety net back up and secure the cross rail with bolts
  • Install the ProFlex Trampoline Basketball Hoop at the connection point in the middle of the cross rail 


Weight 12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 44 × 29 × 2 in