Summit Outlook Features

Compare to the competition!

Summit Outlook features the best quality at the best price!

There is truly nothing like our totally innovative Summit Outlook Series in all the world of playsets! With two deck sizes, two deck heights, two swing beam heights, multi-deck configurations, lots of fun accessories, and a beautiful new color palette, Summit Outlook play systems are the new standard in low and mid-priced specialty playsets. Several years have been spent developing this playset line, and as a result we are confident Summit Outlook Series is the best value available. You may first notice the new color palette of light brown and mahogany colored stains that give these playsets a rich look, but there’s even more. The all new, unique hybrid style option lets you design playsets with both a lower playhouse and a tire swivel swing in the same structure. You can’t find this innovative value anywhere else!

We know what matters most to you. We understand the value of your time, the fact that each family is unique, and that one size does not fit all for your backyard, your family, and your budget. As you shop for a backyard playset, we encourage you to pay close attention to every construction, design, and quality detail. With so many value playsets that all look the same, you’ll see clearly how we stand apart. We look forward to sharing our Summit Outlook playsets with your family. These playsets are built from a durable cedar wood to ensure long lasting use! Lifetime Warranty!

Would you like to customize a playset without breaking the bank? Would you like to choose each play feature for your children, not compromise on quality, and still have money left over for that much needed family vacation? If so, this unique line of high-quality playsets is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

• Modular design
• Tarp and Wood Roof options
• High quality construction
• Vertical upright and angled upright designs
• Multi-level vertical and angled upright hybrid designs
• Deck heights 5’ and 6’
• Swing heights 8’ and 9’
• Slide lengths 10’ and 12’