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Straight Talk about Lumber…

At BEAR of PA, you have a choice of purchasing a play set that is constructed of Cedar, Redwood or Pine.  The fact is they all make a fine choice.  So what is the best lumber for your child’s play set?  Here are some facts to help you decide.

Cedar and Redwood have natural resistance to rot & decay and insect damage whereas Pine is treated to shield it from termites and fungal decay.  The Preserved Pine used on PlayNation play sets is an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) and is certified to be safe for children.

The following excerpts come from the California Redwood Association.  For more information go to:

California Redwood Grades & Uses

 Redwood is graded by appearance and durability, with criteria defined by the Redwood Inspection Service.  For durability and resistance against insects and decay, heartwood from the inner portion of the tree contains extractives that render it resistant to decay.  Sapwood that develops in the outer growth layer of the tree does not possess heartwood’s resistance to decay and insectsFor uses where the wood will be on or near soil, it’s essential to use one of the durable, heartwood grades.  For construction above ground where there is little danger of insect or decay problems, one of the sapwood grades will serve handsomely. 

Residential playground manufacturers use Construction Common Grade Redwood which contains a combination of heartwood and sapwood.  This is why they only warrant “above-ground” components.  Redwood is an excellent lumber but be wary of retailers that only push more expensive redwood play sets and promise the benefits of heart redwood while selling a product that contains both heart and sapwood.