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level yard great for backyard playground equipment

Yard Readiness For Backyard Play

You Get The Best Results From Good Planning

Before you buy backyard playground equipment, it’s best to know the “lay of the land.” Levelness or the lack of levelness of your yard can impact the performance and safety of your playset, trampoline, or basketball hoop. It’s best for you first to gauge the readiness of your yard and then shop. We are happy to provide a step-by-step process to help you choose the best and get max performance from your play equipment. If you are not comfortable handling this on your own, reach out and schedule a site visit.

Does My Yard Need To Be Perfectly Level?

The short answer is no. However, safety is the highest priority. Second, you want to get the best performance from your equipment. You cannot go wrong with having your playset professionally installed. Our experienced installation team considers multiple factors to ensure your kiddos can make the most of your investment.

Review 3 Steps to Level Your Yard below, including a printable document with detailed instructions for step one.

Step 1 – Determine if your yard is level enough to install a playset or trampoline.

Determining if your yard is level enough to install your dream playset is an important step. If your yard is not level enough, you could affect your trampoline or playset performance. Click the link below for a printable multi-step document you can take with you. If you want to leave that determination, you can schedule a site visit.

Print Instructions
playset installed in a level backyard with safety surfacing

Step 2 – How easily accessible is the level area in your yard?

Can a Pickup Truck Drive Into It?

Yes – Perfect!  We love it when we can drive close to the job site when we work.  It makes for a much smoother day!

No – It’s okay!  Most of the time, we build our playsets on-site.

This is extremely important if you are purchasing a maintenance-free vinyl playset or a display model, make sure you let us know what your access is like!  Pictures are always helpful!

If access is not driveable, how far will our crews need to carry the boxes and tools to get to the site?

nearly complete wooden playset installation with bear playgrounds van in yard

Step 3 – Is there an electrical outlet nearby the installation site?

Yes – Great!

No – No big deal, we will make sure all of our batteries are charged before coming!

wooden playset in side yard near the house