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treehouse peak playset showing multiple features

Treehouse Peak Features

Modular Designs Create an Experience For The Entire Family

The all-new, completely re-designed treehouse-style swing sets include an improved structural design with bi-directional bolt-through construction, increased modularity and many new play features. You can attach the new pergola to any treehouse fort to create the perfect backyard play and relaxing space. The pergola is designed to stand alone or include a built-in picnic table… your choice! Playhouse and cabin enclosure doors are much taller for older children and the new hybrid playset design combines the best of all playsets into a single play system.

Go Big and Go Home

Peak-style swing sets are huge with XL (over 28 sq./ft. Of play space per deck) and Jumbo (almost 42 sq./ft. Of play space per deck) versions for any size backyard. Peak playsets are also constructed with bi-directional bolt-through hardware connections, steel brackets at the main structure joints, and lots of customization options. Peak forts are the strongest playsets with 4” x 6” timbers and rock-solid angle base design.

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100% Cedar Construction

Premium Cedar for outdoor use. Our cedar is free of toxic chemicals and certified to meet and exceed all ASTM standards for playset construction materials.

100% cedar logo

Double Walled Rocket Slide

Our exclusive rocket slide is intelligently designed with high side walls and a safe exit so even younger children can slide with confidence.

child coming down a double walled rocket slide

Safety Grip Chains

Our exclusive 1/4″ powder coated chains are noticeably thicker and stronger, specifically designed for smaller hands with a comfortable rubber coating.

green swing with safety grip chains

Adjustable Height Swing Beam & Monkey Bars

Adjustable Height Swing Beams, Monkey Bars, and Forts. Our playsets are designed for relatively un-level backyards.

adjustable height swing beam

Arched Walls For Safer Play

Arched Walls make entering a playset easier and create a safer play area by not leaving the fort wide open.

arch walls on new treehouse peak playset

Flat Step Ladders with Handrails

All ladders are standard with flat steps and handrails. This is always the safest way into a fort structure for children of all ages.

flat step ladder with handrails

Flex Walls Enable Added Options

Flex Walls represent a commitment to innovation and simplicity. You can easily add accessories anytime by removing a flex wall panel.

flex walls to add options

Thoughtfully Placed Grab Handles

Grab Handles are strategically placed around the playset to ensure a safe play experience for your children.

grab handles place in key areas for safety

Soft Grip Marine Quality Ropes

Our marine quality ropes are made for outdoor use. They do not splinter like cheaper ropes so little hands always have a secure, soft grip.

marine quality ropes are soft grip

Rock Climbing Holds

These incredible rock climbing holds were hand sculpted by professional rock climbers. Quarry climbers can be rotated to change the climbing experience as your children grow older.

quarry climber designed climbing holds

Powder Coated Steel Brackets

We use a variety of custom steel, powder-coated brackets to add additional strength and support to our superior fort structures.

powder coated steel brackets

Steel Support Strips

The steel top plate and side strips are additional safety features against board failure. Your family’s safety is our top priority.

steel support strips on top and side of swing beam

Commercial Grade Swing Hangers

Our commercial grade swing hangers are the strongest swing hangers used on backyard playsets.

commercial grade swing hangers for added support