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cedar playset with tornado slide and climbing wall

Summit Outlook Features

Summit Outlook features the best quality at the best price!

One Of The Best Values in Wooden Playsets

Summit Outlook Features Stand Out VS. The Competition

Summit Outlook playsets are the best value in backyard play!  There is truly nothing like them!  They are totally innovative… two deck sizes, two deck heights, two swing beam heights, multi-deck configurations, different roof options, lots of fun accessories, and a beautiful new color palette. Summit Outlook playsets are the new standard in low and mid-priced specialty playsets.

Years of development pay off

Several years have been spent developing this playset line, so we are confident that Summit Outlook Series is the best value available. You may first notice the new color palette of light brown and mahogany colored stains that give these playsets a rich look, but there’s even more. The all-new, unique hybrid style option lets you design playsets with both a lower playhouse and a tire swivel swing in the same structure. You can’t find this innovative value anywhere else!

Why Construction, Quality, and Design Matter

We know what matters most to you. We understand the value of your time, that each family is unique, and that one size does not fit all for your backyard, family, and budget. As you shop for a backyard playset, we encourage you to pay close attention to the construction, design, and quality detail.

With so many value playsets that all look the same, you’ll see clearly how we stand apart. We look forward to sharing our Summit Outlook playsets with your family. These playsets are built from durable cedar wood to ensure long-lasting use! And they come with a Lifetime Warranty! See the outstanding features of the Summit Outlook playsets below.

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Floor Joists

Post and beam floor joist system built just like a house.

computer image of post and beam joist system

Quality Lumber

100% cedar lumber is naturally decay resistant and comes standard with a high quality water-based stain for a beautiful finish.

100% quality cedar logo

Adjustable Height Swing Beams

Adjustable height swing beams simplify installation in un-level backyards.

adjustable swing beam height for use on unlevel ground

Steel Swing Beam Bracket

Steel swing brackets join the key structural components of the swing beam to make it safer than bolt-through only joints.


steel swing beam bracket

Swing Hangers

Cast aluminum swing hangers for commercial grade safety at home.


high quality aluminum swing hangers

Swing Chain

1/4″ thick, galvanized, and then powder-coated chains.

galvanized green swing chain

Arched Wall Rails

Arched walls make it easier to enter the fort, while still providing a safety barrier for those inside the play area.


arched openings give added clearance

Flex Walls

Flex walls make it easy to close off an opening for safety or open a wall to add a new accessory.


reconfigurable walls give the ability to add or remove features

Flat Step Ladder with Handrails

Ladders with flat wooden steps & handrails are always the safest way into a play set.


wooden step ladder with handrails

Grab Handles

Grab handles ensure a safe climb to the top for hands of all sizes.


green grab handle to aid in climbing into treehouse

Marine Quality Ropes

Marine quality rope is soft to the touch and extremely durable, unlike other cheaper nylon ropes.


marine quality ropes are soft and durable

Double Wall Slides

Excellent Quality, Double Wall Slides available in multiple color choices.

green double wall slide is safer and stronger