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beautiful maintenance free playset

Maintenance Free Playset Features

Our maintenance free playsets are built with quality in every detail! You will certainly appreciate the value & convenience of our non-splintering poly lumber and stainless steel hardware.

There is No Substitute For Quality Construction

When looking for a playset that will last and require little upkeep, look at the way it is built. The maintenance free playsets from Swing Kingdom are constructed from high-quality materials and designed to hold up under heavy use.

Each set is designed with safety, durability, and fun in mind. Features like stainless steel braces are extra strong and withstand harsh outdoor elements. These playsets include safety features like grab rails to help little ones climb ladders safely.

Fun Features Are What Kids Want

Parents can talk about safety and durability all they want, but kids just wanna have fun. Our maintenance free playsets are packed with features and options that allow children and parents to enjoy them for years. Check out the amazing features listed below.

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Powder Coated Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Powder-Coated, Stainless Steel Corner Braces for added structural support.

powder coated stainless steel corner brackets

Finished Vinyl End Caps

Finished Vinyl End Caps to eliminate sharp edges.


finished vinyl end caps

Foam Grip Chains

Foam Grip Chains for swinging comfort and protection for little fingers.

Foam Grip Chains for swinging comfort and protection

Access Ladder with Handrail

Access Ladder with Safety Handrail. Easiest Access for young children.

handrail on access ladder is added safety for children

Double Walled Slides

Rotomolded Avalanche Slides offer an attractive, exciting addition to any playset. They have tall sides at the top so your child can steady themselves when sitting down to begin their adventure. By the time the child reaches the bottom, the side rails fade away so they have plenty of room for a perfect dismount.

double walled green slide

Innovative Designs

Completely customizable innovative designs. The possibilities are endless!

customized maintenance free playsets

Maintenance Free

Forget about the days spent staining a wooden playset each year… you will have more time to spend with your family.

family having fun playing soccer

Solid Poly Lumber Surfaces

Solid Poly Lumber Surfaces are non-splintering, making them safe and sturdy to walk on.

little boy standing on poly lumber deck in playset tower

Galvanized Rungs

All monkey bar and ladder rungs are galvanized with protective powder coating

little boy scaling monkey bars

Heavy Duty Swing Hangers

Heavy duty stainless steel swing hangers hold up to 600 pounds.

heavy duty stainless steel swing hangers

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel hardware will not corrode or rust.

stainless steel bolts and screws

Structural Select Wood

Pressure Treated Wood inside is Structural Select. You never have to worry about the wood inside of your playset.

stack of structural select wood

The vinyl acts like a shell protecting the playset’s wood understructure from environmental elements resulting in a longer service life.

No. To guard against rust and corrosion, we use powder coated stainless steel components.

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