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girl playing in classic lifetime playset

Classic Lifetime Features

What makes these sets the best value in a premium playset.

There’s A Reason They Are Called Premium Playsets

What makes a premium playset premium? The design and construction separate these sets from other quality playsets. Lifetime is the right description, as these units are designed to last and are strong enough for adults to play. As you browse through the features, we are sure you will see the added value.

Get The Best Value While Supplies Last

What makes these playsets “classic” is there are new models. The Treehouse Peak lines have new models, but these classic playsets boast the same high quality and features from past designs. The best thing about our Classic lifetime Playsets is that you get a premium quality playset at clearance pricing.

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Quality Lumber

100% cedar lumber is naturally decay resistant and comes standard with a high-quality water-based stain for a beautiful finish.

quality lumber symbol for 100% cedar

Adjustable Height Monkey Bars

Monkey bars height can be adjusted to make installation easier in un-level play areas.

adjustable height monkey bars

Adjustable Height Swing Beams

Adjustable height swing beams simplify installation in un-level backyards.

adjustable height swing beam

Cast Aluminum Swing Hangers

Cast aluminum swing hangers for commercial grade safety at home.

cast aluminum swing hangers

Coated Chains

The lower section of chains are coated in a third-layer, vinyl coating to prevent little fingers from getting pinched.

coated swing chains

Steel Compression Clamps

Key structure joints on Treehouse swing sets are secured by 90-degree and 180-degree steel compression clamps.

steel compression clamps

Double Locking Gussets

Double Locking gussets keep the main structure sturdy and support the weight for children of all ages.

double locking gussets

Flex Walls

Flex walls make it easy to close off a wall for safety or open a wall for a new swing set accessory.

flex walls

Floor Joists

Post and beam floor joist system built just like a house so parents and children can play together.

post and beam floor joists

Grab Handles

Grab handles ensure a safe climb to the top for hands of all sizes.

grab handles help climbers

Marine Quality Ropes

Marine quality rope is soft to the touch and extremely durable, unlike other cheaper nylon ropes.

marine quality ropes

Steel Strips and Top Cap

Steel strips and a steel metal top cap add an extra layer of safety to the already heavy-duty 4×6 swing beam for fail-proof strength.

swing beam steel support strips

Ladders with Flat Steps

Ladders with flat steps and handrails are always the safest way into a playset.

step ladder with flat steps and handrails

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