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SK-15 Mountain Climber



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SK-15 Mountain Climber

SK-15 Mountain Climber Playset is an activity packed backyard playset. Climbing, Swinging, and Monkey Bars offer hours of fun for all ages. A favorite also is the Tire Swing.  Comes in many color choices and is maintenance FREE!! That makes this set a win/win!! The Ship’s Wheel and Binoculars are included but here are more fun items that can be added to your playset, Megaphone, or a Spotlight that is kid powered!! A child friendly crank powers this impressive accessory. Not batteries needed!! The SK-15 Mt. Climber is available in many color choices. Choose this Playset or design/modify your own Maintenance Free Playset.  

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Blue & Almond, Blue & White, Gray & Almond, Gray & White, Green & Almond, Green & White, Red & Almond, Red & White, Red, Yellow & Almond, Woodgrain & Blue (Additional Cost), Woodgrain & Gray (Additional Cost), Woodgrain & Green (Additional Cost), Woodgrain & Red (Additional Cost), Woodgrain, Red & Yellow (Additional Cost)

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