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SK-12 Mountain Climber


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We say that double the slides equals double the fun! Which is what you’ll find on this playset.  Features a single play tower with 5’ x 5’ deck, 10’ Avalanche slide plus 5’ Sidewinder slide, 5’ rock wall, cargo net climber, 3-position swing beam, tic-tac-toe panel, and flat step ladder. Overall Dimensions: 19’w x 18’d x 12’h Weight: 1,280 lbs. Color: Almond PVC, Green Accents Tower: 5’ x 5’ Deck Deck Height: 5’ Access: Flat Step Ladder w/ MC Hand Rail Roof: 5’ x 10’ Canvas w/ flags Climber: 5’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, Cargo Net Swing Beam: 3 Position Single Beam Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide, 5’ Sidewinder Slide Swings: Belt Swing, Trapeze, Baby Swing, 3-Rope Tire Swing Anchors: 2 Fun Items: Tic Tac Toe Panel, Telescope

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