RL-20 Fitness Adventure Maintenance Free



The RL-20 Fitness Adventure Maintenance Free has many challenging activities.

RL-20 Fitness Adventure great for your family’s athlete trying to increase strength and coordination!

Your older children and their friends will be challenged by this addition to your backyard. Gives them something to do off social media!!

Take those Ninja skills to a whole new level! You can run up a 10’ or 8’ Warp Wall, climb Cargo Nets, break a sweat on the Ninja Obstacle Course Climber with V-Climber, scurry up ropes of various heights, and slide down a Fire Pole. This Warrior Training Course has something for everybody!


Overall Dimensions 32’w x 20’d x 10’h

Color: Many Color Choices Available
Tower: 5’ x 5’ Tower, 5’ x 9’ Double Tower
Deck Height: (2) 5’, 7’
Access: Flat Step Access Ladder w/ Access Railing
Climber: 3’ x 5’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, 5’ x 5’ Vertical Cargo Net, 5’ x 7’ Vertical Cargo Net
Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide
Swing Beam: NOC Climber w/V-Climber and Salmon Ladder, 3 Position Climber Beam, 3 Position Single High Beam
Anchors: 4
Fun Items: (6) 16’ Rock Wall Ropes, 5’ Fire Pole, 8’ Warp Wall, 10’ Warp Wall

A fantastic addition to this set would be Heavy Duty Protective Rubber Mats.

Choose this Playset or design/modify your own Maintenance Free Playset.


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