Engineered Wood Playground Mulch


Engineered Wood Playground Mulch

-100% Natural- No post-consumer wood is used (no pallets or scrap wood), therefore, no paints, oils or chemicals.
-Durable – fresh, lumber grade wood chips
-Affordable – Most cost effective safety surface
-Absorbent – Less likely to have pooling of water in wood mulch

-Will decompose over time requiring annual maintenance.
-Annual Maintenance (topping off the area with some fresh mulch)
-Requires raking (although minimal)

How much Engineered Wood Playground Mulch do I need?

Wood Playground Mulch Delivery Quotes are available upon request.

To give your Wood Playground Mulched area a finished look that also helps keep the mulch in place, try adding Rubber Curbs. They can be curved to give a nice finished look and low enough for children to step over. 

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