Double Bounce Trampoline



AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline

AlleyOOP’s patented DoubleBounce™ system with AirShock™ technology is, quite simply, revolutionary. The trampoline utilizes a double mat system with an air pocket in between to reduce risk of landing injury while increasing bounce. A heavy duty pre-galvanized steel frame holds it all together, and with the rotatable double mat system, trampoline life is extended. The enclosure’s new net design sports a cleaner look and tighter fit around the trampoline. Combined with patented overlapping entry, shock-absorbing poles and sleeves, and Fail-Safe design, jumpers are kept safer than ever.

Power Bounce Upgrade Option

Power Bounce is an additional spring system that allows for a greater weight limit and creates a bouncier trampoline in every model!  The system boosts the trampoline’s performance for a greater range of jumpers!


Single User Weight Ratings

14′ Double Bounce – 250 lbs

14′ Double Bounce WITH Power Bounce Option – 300 lbs

*(Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb!)

Enclosure Impact Strength:  295 lbs

Weight 494 lbs
Trampoline Size

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