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AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline

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Double the fun, double the safety! AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline  14’ trampoline reduces the risk of injury with a 50% softer landing than other trampolines while offering a super-springy bounce. Airshock Technology AlleyOOP’s patented DoubleBounce™ system with AirShock™ technology is, quite simply, revolutionary. The AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline utilizes a double mat system with an air pocket in between to reduce risk of landing injury while increasing bounce. A heavy duty pre-galvanized steel frame holds it all together, and with the rotatable double mat system, trampoline life is extended. The enclosure’s new net design sports a cleaner look and tighter fit around the trampoline. Combined with patented overlapping entry, shock-absorbing poles and sleeves, and Fail-Safe design, jumpers are kept safer than ever. For certain all trampoline springs are not created equal. Professionals choose AlleyOOP for our proprietary PianoSprings, which deliver the biggest, best bounce around—bar none. Made of tempered, high-carbon steel piano wire coupled with a tapered, wide barrel design, our springs stretch significantly longer than the lower-quality steel springs. Each spring is engineered for maximum bounce and durability, while cushioning landings. PianoSprings stay “tuned” throughout years of pro-level performance, just as a grand piano holds its tune throughout a concert. Add a ProFlex Basketball System for hours of family fun!! Add a Sure Step Ladder. Power Bounce Upgrade Option For extra bounce on your AlleyOop Double Bounce Trampoline add Power Bounce is an additional spring system that allows for a greater weight limit and creates a bouncier trampoline in every model!  The system boosts the trampoline’s performance for a greater range of jumpers! Single User Weight Ratings 14′ Double Bounce – 250 lbs 14′ Double Bounce WITH Power Bounce Option – 300 lbs *(Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb!) Enclosure Impact Strength:  295 lbs

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